Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleaning Services

At Naltyx, we provide advanced and efficient Data Cleaning Services. Data cleansing and data scrubbing services are best outsourced. It can save you a huge amount of time that you can use for other productive services. It can also help you reduce your operating costs significantly.

Naltyx are renowned worldwide for its data cleansing, data verification and data scrubbing services.

So do not wait any longer, outsource your services to Naltyx  and get access to the best in data cleansing services.

Naltyx’s data cleaning or data scrubbing services:

  • Correction of addresses: Addresses and other contact information in a database ensure that your communication with your company’s customers and / or other contacts reaches them correctly each time. We undertake correction of contact details of people that may have moved to a different address or have changed their phone numbers or personal information.
  • Remove data duplicates: Often while compiling huge databases of your customers or other contacts, there would be more than a single instance where information is repeated. This not only bloats the size of the data but also can lead to bombarding a particular contact with your communication more than once, which most people may not approve of. Through data verification and cleansing, duplicate entries can be removed.
  • Conversion of upper/lower case names: A person’s name is important in communicating with him. Customers have known to show cognizance to companies remembering their names and in the right order. Our data cleansing service includes converting cases where required. We also take into account language accents in names.
  • Gender addition/correction: Our data verification service takes care of adding the right gender prefixes to names. This is important when you’re communicating with customers or analyzing gender based reports.
  • Data integrity audits: Data integrity audits ensure that in a database, textual information is located in the field for text and not in the one for numbers or elsewhere. This applies to other information in the database.

Why invest in data cleansing or data verification services?

Picture this scenario – You have tons of data of potential customers and you are ready with the next direct mailing campaign. After you send promotional mailers to thousands of prospects, you realize that the database was actually that of your supplier information!

Such mistakes can happen with any of your databases and can cost you losing business. This happens usually when data and databases aren’t organized and updated regularly. Fortunately there are ways to avoid this from happening; data cleansing services provides the answer for anomalies found in data and databases.

Maintaining an accurate database of your business-critical information is as important as the data themselves. Naltyx’s data cleansing services provides easy answers to keeping your data error-free and updated so that you can use it in your sales & other business campaigns.

Why do you need to cleanse data?

All data that relates to various customers need to be stored in an organized format so that it can be accessed easily as and when needed. Having the same data at multiple sources and not being able to maintain updated and accurate data is a matter of concern to most companies today. It proves to be a great disadvantage to them while targeting prospective customers. This is where Naltyx’s data cleansing services can help.

What is data scrubbing?

Data scrubbing includes data analysis and reviewing of existing data. It is needed to check for unfinished records, duplicates or invalid entries. This is something that is usually done before converting databases or CRM systems. Naltyx has expertise in offering data scrubbing services to several global customers.

Why do you need data enrichment services?

As your business flourishes and customer base grows, it may become extremely difficult for you to keep all your records updated. Thus, at times you can end up storing databases that have old and incorrect details. This can be bad for your business. This is why you need data enrichment services that will help you to keep a track of your customer base and target them better. Outsource data enrichment services to Naltyx and you need not worry about inaccurate data.

Why outsource your data cleansing and enhancement services to Naltyx?

Naltyx should be your ideal choice if you are thinking of outsourcing your data cleansing services. You can benefit from various advantages if you outsource to Naltyx.

  • Naltyx can cleanse your databases, check for data accuracy and get rid of duplicated as well as incorrect entries
  • Our data cleansing experts can combine multiple data sources in order to enable an easy access to your data
  • Naltyx offers its data cleansing services in a variety of methods depending on the type of data at disposal
  • Naltyx follows a strict policy in terms of security & confidentiality. You can be assured about the privacy of your data
  • Naltyx has rich experience in servicing several global customers and addressing their data cleansing needs
  • Outsource to Naltyx and get access to accurate data cleansing services delivered ahead of schedule

Why Outsource Data Cleansing Services to Naltyx?


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