Data Extraction Services

Data Extraction Services

At Naltyx, we provide advanced and efficient Data Extraction Services. Equipped with our 16+ years’ experience and infrastructure, we can do a flawless work of utilizing information from various sources which is crucial for making informed business decisions. Naltyx is a leading provider of  Services retrieving relevant, unstructured data from the web, analyzing this data and formatting the data according to the requirements of the client.

Data entry specialists in our company assure you high quality, high security and accurate  Services at cost effective prices.

Here is a list of Data Extraction Services we provide:

  • Mining meta-data information from websites
  • Web data extraction .
  • PDF data extraction .
  • Database extraction services
  • Web data mining for online news and latest updates
  • Business information search
  • Gathering, collating and summarizing news from various online news and PR source
  • Educational material search
  • Extracting market information about the latest product launches and their immediate pricing plans
  • Pooling market research and subject matter blogs about various new innovative products
  • Gathering online data and transferring it onto a spreadsheet
  • Compiling website lists, email lists and contact details
  • Surfing commercial websites and collecting vital information

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