Offline Data Entry Services

Offline Data Entry Services

At Naltyx, we provide advanced and efficient Offline Data Entry Services. Equipped with our 16+ years’ experience and infrastructure, we can do a flawless work of entering data into our clients’ online web based applications, databases or remote servers. Data entry is performed in both ways, online and offline through various sources like hand written scripts, forms, resumes, books, etc. Naltyx’s highly trained and versatile professionals can perform a variety of tasks such and accept all data sources for data entry such as scanned documents, Images (JPEG, TIFF), HTML WebPages, PDFs. Forms etc. in various domains and industries like real estate, eCommerce, legal, education, corporate, etc. 

Data entry specialists in our company assure you high quality, high security and accurate Offline Data Entry Services at cost effective prices.

Here is a list of Offline Data Entry Services we provide:

  • Business cards Data Entry into any Format
  • Handwritten documents Data Entry
  • E-books Data Entry
  • Catalogs and labels Data Entry
  • Mailing lists and image files Data Entry
  • Offline data entry from survey forms and market research forms
  • Credit card applications Data Entry
  • Receipt and patient records Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry from paper/books
  • Offline data capture
  • Offline form filling and processing
  • Offline entry of data from one format to another version/format
  • Offline sorting and indexing data entry in any format
  • Data entry into database program
  • Offline Claims data entry & data processing
  • Offline Order processing
  • Offline bill of material maintenance
  • Offline Employee data maintenance
  • Offline Payroll Processing
  • Offline data Entry from Scanned Images
  • Data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files
  • Offline form processing
  • Offline data capture
  • Offline entry of insurance claims
  • URL list collection
  • Offline form filling
  • Receipt, invoice and bills’ data entry
  • E-books entry, business cards entry, catalogues’ and labels’ entry
  • Offline entry of data from one version/format to another
  • Data entry into database programs
  • Offline data collection
  • Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry
  • Survey forms data entry
  • Tax forms data entry

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