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Build An Email List

We had a list of about 200 companies and we helped find the email addresses for certain job titles within those companies.


Support web research and excel files/lists based on research

The client was looking for someone to do web research (particularly on the Middle East region) and compile findings into organized excel lists. We researched specific business sector activity and do web research primarily based on finding specific websites for companies in certain countries, and identifying contact information.


Google news research to build media coverage list for AI topics

The project involved conducting thorough Google News research for a variety of keywords, building a list of all major coverage over the past three years. The deliverable was an excel spreadsheet with columns for Headline, Author, Date of Publication, Link to text, and Sentiment.


Data Mining and B2B company prospect list development

The job entailed internet research and data appending to a specific prospect list for mailing or emailing.


Generate Leads for Recession Keynote Speaker

The client needed someone to source leads for his keynote speeches. The client also provided industries that are of interest and then needed help researching the largest organizations in the industry, the ones that have annual conferences, and tracking down contact information for their head of events and/or board members. We made a list of the name of people who handled the events and and created a spreadsheet of their phone, mailing address, email, LinkedIn handle, etc.


Many more...

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