4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Data Entry Services in 2020

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Data is the new gold. From small local stores to billion-dollar organizations, data plays a crucial role in dictating market strategies and making well-informed decisions. But the process of data management is just as much tedious as it is useful. So, a common dilemma for most businesses is whether they should manage data entry services in-house or outsource it.

For most of the part, businesses hesitate to outsource data entry services. Sounds like you? Well, we are here to bust this myth!

Why Do Many Business Refrain From Outsourcing Data Entry Services?

There are two main factors due to which businesses choose not to outsource data entry services – the sensitive nature of data itself, and the lack of control over outsourced services.

Business-related data is sensitive and many companies don’t like to share it with a third party. So the thought of having another organization manage the data for their business doesn’t seem appealing. Also, businesses have better control over in-house services from every aspect. But they can’t monitor and control outsourced services 24/7.

Both these concerns are justified and that is why having your own data entry department seems to be the best way to go. But we also want to bring your attention to many factors that highlight the benefit of outsourced data entry. And when you compare both sides, the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the risks.

So, keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at different reasons why you should outsource data entry services in 2020.

Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Services

1. The COVID-19 pandemic effect

The massive outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 has, and still is, changing the way businesses operate. With lockdown and social distancing norms in places around the globe, most businesses have adapted to the current scenario by starting to operate remotely.

Now, it’s obvious that you don’t what your business to shut down amidst the ongoing pandemic. So in the current scenario, outsourcing data entry activities will help you to get the work done smoothly even when your business is not operating at full capacity.

2. Saves Time, Effort, and Money

The second reason on our list is pretty much obvious. Allotting separate manpower to build a team and then setting up systems solely for data entry activities is a time consuming and expensive process.

By outsourcing data entry services, you end up saving time, effort, and money. And it also means that the resources you would otherwise invest in data entry work can now be invested in your business’s core activities instead.

3. Streamlines The Focus Of Your Business

If you have an in-house data entry department, it will take up your focus and attention to a great extent. But when you outsource such services, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. So your attention does not diverge and it gives you the freedom to stay more focused on the primary role of your business. A third party will be handling all the data entry activities for your business, while you can fully streamline your focus on the growth and expansion of your organization.

4. Better Quality of Data Entry Service and Higher Expertise

When you outsource data entry services, you will be choosing companies that specialize in data management. So their services and expertise in data entry will surely be higher than yours.

Think about it – would you prefer experts to handle the data entry for your organization? Or would you choose to do it yourself even when it isn’t the main area of expertise?

The answer should make it clear that leaving the data entry work to the experts will surely be much more efficient than handling it yourself with little expertise.


So, let’s just do a quick recap of what we’ve discussed so far. Outsourcing data entry services seems to be the need of the hour in the current global pandemic scenario. It also saves you time and resources. And lastly, unless you’re a data management expert yourself, other companies that are centered on data entry services will do a better job than you.

Naltyx is a data entry company that has adopted world-class data management practices and can handle the data entry tasks efficiently for you. Whether it’s billing and invoices, documentations, legal data, images and digital media, product information, or any other data you can think of – Naltyx has it all covered in terms of both online and offline data entry services.

We are transparent in the code of conduct and strict in terms of security measures. You will get the full information on how your data is being handled, and the assurance that your data is safe, secure, and not shared with any other parties without your permission.

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